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Invitation to Chabahar, land of opportunities

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Invitation to Chabahar, land of opportunities

Chabahar Free Zone was established in 1992 with an area of 140 square kilometers, according to the East Corridor Development Studies and approval of parliament.

CFZ has a comprehensive master plan and it is divided into 9 areas which are as follows:
Area No. 1: Trade, Tourism & Services area
Area No. 2: Cold Storage & Clean workshop area
Area No. 3: Residential area
Area No. 4: Green area
Area No. 5: Tis village & Agricultural Lands
Area No. 6: Tourism & Recreation area
Area No. 7: Industrial pole
Area No. 8: Airport, Refinery & Large Scale Industries
Area No. 9: Marine Industries & Desalination Plant facilities

Special Advantages
1. Strategic geographic location along the international waterways and close to international shipping lines
2. The only commercial oceanic port outside the Strait of Hormuz
3. Eastern Iran Corridor Connection Point (North-West Corridor) to Free Waters and connection of landlocked countries CIS
4. The nearest port to the markets of Central Asia and Afghanistan
5. Easy access to fossil fuels in the Middle East and Central Asia
6. Easy access to construction materials and mines in Sistan and Baluchestan province
7. Easy access to various minerals in eastern Iran
8. The multimodal transport connections by air, land and sea
9. Long-term lease and sale facilities for foreign investors
10. Located in the safest and closest rout to the global markets (the Indian subcontinent)
11. Proximity to the countries with growing population in South Asia
12. Located in the only Iranian oceanic port (Chabahar) with immediate access to the mainland of Iran
13. Proximity to the world’s largest energy resources in the Persian Gulf

Facilities and Legal Advantages
• Possibility to own 100% of shares of foreign companies
• Granting Guarantee for foreign investments according to Foreign Investment Promotion And Protection Act
• The possibility of unlimited investment for both Iranian and foreign citizens and 100% capital and profit repatriation
• 100% income and corporate tax exemption for 20 years
• Duty exemption for importing of raw materials and machineries for manufacturing units and construction purposes
• Exemption of exporting Free Zone-made goods to foreign markets from general BXIM regulations
• Duty exemption of exporting Free Zone-made goods to mainland to the extent of value added caused by utilization of domestic production factors
• Possibility to export products produced from foreign raw materials to the amount authorized by the value added commission
• Ability to use foreign labor force up to 10% of the total workforce in Chabahar Free Zone
• Flexible labor regulations
• Unloading, loading, transit and transshipment of merchandises abroad is permitted and it is free from all kinds of taxes and duties, only warehousing and local charges shall be collected
• Retail sales allowed
• Establish private or foreign banks and insurance or their branches
• Six-month extendable residential visa for foreign investors
• The possibility of establishing bank and domestic and international insurance or their branches
• Visa issuance at airport through the representative of Ministry of Foreign Affairs with prior request
• Possibility to exploit land in projects without paying the land price, long-term lease or participation in projects, as well as the possibility of transferring to companies registered in Iran