Selected News :
  • 70 percent of Afghanistan's trade exchange vie Iranian ports
  • Chabahar-Muscat maritime tourism line to be launched
  • Tehran to host 7th forum of North-South Transport Corridor
  • 8th Fajr Intl. Fashion and Clothing Festival Awards Winners
  • Iran, China sign MoU on Chabahar FTZ

Call for investment in Chabahar Free Zone

Economic | Date : 08-Apr-2018 | visits :188
This is an invitation for all of those who are willing to expand their business. We’re inviting the industrialists, businessmen and technicians who are willing to diversify their market and services.

This is an Invitation from Chabahar Free Zone for those on top ranks who are pursuing more untapped markets.

Chabahar Free Zone is an entrance gate to the prosperous and secure country of Iran.

Chabahar is the key to conquer the markets of Afghanistan, Central Asia, Caucasus and Eurasia.Through roads, airways and soon railways, this port and the free zone would be the shortest, safest and most economical way to reach CIS markets.
Chabahar Free Zone is preparing to connect Central Asia to high seas. We’re going to increase the capacity of the port, construct railways, develop the roads and the airports and complete communicational and residential infrastructure. We’ve designed a big and ambitious project to complete the chain of production in metal and petrochemical industry and within the next ten years we will be a production and re-export hub.
We welcome foreign investors under the rules and regulations of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
We can provide our foreign partners and those who foresee the bright future of Chabahar Free Zone and enter this win-win game, with various and effective offers
1- Fishery and aquatics industry: More than
70 percent of the tuna fish needed for canned tuna in Iran are caught from Chabahar waters. Additionally, due to the development of human science and recommendations of physicians to increase the use of white meat, the markets of various kinds of fish are expanding in the Middle East.
There are nine different fishing ports in Chabahar Free Zone and fishing and fishselling are considered to be long-standing jobs for the residents of the area. There are also extraordinarily different species of edible fish living in the Sea of Oman and therefore some 80 hectares have been allocated to the Industrial Park of Fishery in Chabahar Free Zone. Market analysis suggests that fish and shrimp farming and by-products such as fish oil production are among the investment attractions in Chabahar Free Zone.
2- Modern energies: Fossil fuels which pollute the air are diminishing. This has pushed global experts and scientists to focus attention of renewable energies such as solar and wind energies as well as the energy produced by sea waves.
Chabahar Free Zone immensely benefits from all of these endless sources. Days are sunny in Chabahar nearly all over the year, seasonal winds blow for three months per year and you can always hear the waves of the Indian Ocean. Due to the expansion of industries and population growth within the next 10 years, the investment benefits of investing in modern energies is guaranteed in Chabahar.
3- Industrial park of medical devices
4- Industrial park of food