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  • Amir Moghaddam
    Chairman of the board and Managing Director
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    فکس :054-35312237

  • Saeed Rigi
    Acting Deputy of Cultural, Social & Tourism
  • Ata Allah Dadgar
    Deputy of Management Development
  • Mohammad Hodaei
    Deputy of Economic & Investment
  • Abdolhakim Asefi
    Deputy of Technical & Infrastructure
  • .
    Deputy of Transport & Transit
  • Yousef Bavar
    Adviser Acting for the Director of Public & International Affairs
  • Saeed Rahmani
    Director General for Managing Director Department
  • Maryam Shahtaghi
    Director of Legal Affairs & Contracts & Real Estates
  • Farshid Tak Arbab
    Acting Director of Ceneral Office of Security
  • Director of Monitoring & Performance Evaluation
    Director of Monitoring & Performance Evaluation
  • Jafar Mikoulaei Pasha
    Director of Assembly Affairs and Internal Auditing & Secretary of the Board
  • Saeid Ali Bozorgzadeh
    Director of Food, Drug & Health
  • Mohsen Ali Gulshani
    Managing Director of Investment, Business Development & Industrial Fishing Company of CFZ Pvt.
  • Mehdi Abravesh
    Director of Social Affairs

  • Ahmad Jahan Panah
    Head of cultural and educational management

  • Mohammad Saeed Mousai Baghestani
    Head of Tourism and Cultural Heritage Management

  • Eqbal Sadeghi
    Acting for the Environment

  • Saber vali pour moghadam
    Director of Human Resources Development

  • Javad Jamali
    Acting of Logistics

  • Hamid Reza Savi
    Acting Director of Financial Affairs

  • Mohammad Reza Hessabi
    Acting Director of IT & Administrative Transformation

  • Humaira Amiriyan
    Director of Projects & Planning

  • Salim Azarpira
    Director of Trade Development

  • Rasoul Behzadi
    Commercial Director

  • Masih Javadpour
    Director of Production Facilitation & Advanced Technologies

  • Masih Javadpoor
    Director for Equipment & Development of Capital Market

  • .Ahmad Golshan
    Acting of Urban Planning & GIS

  • Abdolrazzagh Takhsh
    Acting of Urban and Rural Affairs

  • Javad Shabanizadeh Baghan
    Acting Director of Operations

  • Abdolbaset Mirkazehi
    Director of Construction & Infrastructure Projects

  • Saeid Moghaddam
    Director of Terminals & Warehouses Services

  • Hamid Miri
    Director of Port & Marine Services

  • Hossain Mohebi
    Acting Director of Transport & Transit Development