Strategies :

-Equipping and strengthening Chabahar portfacilities, in order to achieve loading and unloading capacity of 6 million tons per year
-Strengthening networks of infrastructure and welfare related to transit along the axis of East, to achieve an annual capacity of 6 million tons transit of goods
-Equipping fleet and preparing the grounds to expand services for transportation along the axis
-Equipping the major population centerstoresidential -welfare and technical-supportive facilities along the axis
-Using the facilities of Chabahar Free Zone and East specific zones of the country in activation of the axis

Policies :

Chabahar free trade and industrial zone organization pursuant to the act of Islamic Consultative Assembly dated August 28, 1993 and the act of the Expediency Council dated August 12, 1996 was formed with the objectives of bringing infrastructure, construction and development, economic development, public investment and increasing income, creating a healthy and productive employment, work and product market regulation, active relationship with international and regional markets, production and export of industrial goods and processing and delivery of public services, that in this regard the management expresses its quality policy in order to achieve the above goals as follows:

1.Providing the required infrastructures
2.Promoting the quality of services to local and foreign investors in order to realize the investment in the zone and satisfaction of investors
3.Guidance and leadership of facilities and activities in the zone with a focus on economic development of Zone in trade, industry, tourism, transport, transit, and services
4.Increasing the efficiency and capabilities of human resources, promoting knowledge and skills and implementing effective training programs
5.The guidance and leadership of potential facilities of organization in planning, policy-making, supervision and guidance of Zone economic activity by reducing the outsourcing and use of efficient systems of monetary, fiscal and investment
6.Optimizing business processes for the removal of administrative bureaucracy and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the organization's quality management system

All the employees are expected to do assigned responsibilities and authorities through consultation and coordination in the best possible way