Sugar refining plan (raw sugar refinement)

Fishing buoy production plan (buoy)

Production plan for leather clothing (jacket and …)

Production plan for fishing net

Production plan for notebook

Production plan for parts of marine vessels

Production of tin can

Production plan for sandpaper

Production plan for clutch lining

Production plan for cosmetics

Production plan for plastic thread

Production plan for granite cutting factory( granite stone-cutting) in the form of tile and slab

Production plan for starch and flour from rice

Hot rolling plant

Processing and packaging fish and shrimp

Flexible polyurethane foam in furniture

Solar power plant

Composite aluminum sheet

Polymer sheets (transparent or colored)

Establishment of Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) Production Complex

Construction of GRP Composite Pipe Factory

Construction of Fishery Complex (Processing, Packaging and Freezing of Aquatic Animals)

Establishing of Manufacturing, Packaging and Distribution of various Kinds of Traditional, Industrial, Baguette and their Derivations

Construction and Utilization of Detergents Products Production Unit

Construction of Ammonium Sulfate Production Unit

Construction of Sulfur Coated Urea (SCU) Production Unit

Construction of a Production Unit for Blending Light and Heavy Hydrocarbons

Construction of Polyethylene Terephthalate Production Unit (PET)

Establishment of a Production Unit for Medicine and Injectable Products

Construction of Refined Motor Oil Production Unit

Building a Production Unit for Polyurethane Systems (PU Systems)

The construction of a Moisture-insulating Bitumen Production Unit

Water Storage Tank Production Unit

Production of Various Types of Household Appliances (Juicer, Electric Mixer, Steam Iron, Vacuum Cleaner, Types of Household Fans and Shredders) Unit

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Production Unit

Styrene Production Unit

Ethoxylates (ETX) Production Unit (ETX)

Production and Packaging of Cosmetics and Hygiene Products

Simultaneous Production of Green Cement and Electricity from Banana Waste

Production of All Types of Compounds and Red Granules

Production of Metal and Fiberglass Fishing Boats

Construction of a Processing and Packaging Unit for Medicinal Plants

Construction of Coffee Processing and Packaging Unit

Film and Pallet Production Unit

Production Unit of Building Sanitary Ware

Acrylic Paint and Resin Production Unit

Polyvinyl Acetate Adhesive Production Unit

Car Tire Production Unit

The construction of a Moisture-insulating Bitumen Production Unit