Chabahar Bay is largest and most beautiful natural bay in  South East which is the  result of the fusion of sea, land and sun and has naturally been located over thousands of years in the corner of Oman Sea. Originally  Chabahar area has numerous natural bays that are centered on the Chabahar Bay, this natural bay that  has a very natural landscape is host to dozens of fishing ferries and boats . Chabahar Free Zone is located in the beautiful East Bay. Numerous commercial and fishing wharves, Sarbaz Rivers, Bahoo Kalat, Kajoo, Bichand, Nikshahr, Bent and Rach. Underground water, Aquifers of Dashtiari,Nasferan, Kahir, Sadich, Date, Mango, Coconut, Papayay and benana Gardens, Volcano Wave Phenomenon,Harra jungles, Roch beach, martiam moutains, fig tree of temples, Short muzzle crocodile (Gando), Gel feshan, Sandy beach, Sea turtle habitat ,Migratory birds, beautiful dolphins, carpet moss, Lipar and Doshtar and many other natural attractions are only a glimpse of the natural beauties as an important tourist destination.