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Chinese fishing ship hired by Iranian fishermen: Official

Economic | Date : 22-Jan-2019 | visits :633
Tehran, Dec 30, IRNA - Managing Director of Chabahar Investment Company for Trade Development and Industrial Fishery says that as far as he knows that Chinese ship whose fishery activities have been distributed in the southern waters of Iran was hired by Iranian fishermen.

Farzin Haqdel said in an interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), 'As an informant, what I have seen in the films is more related to Hormuzgan, not Sistan-Baluchestan. These are mainly Chinese ships that are hired by Iranian companies.

'All of its employees and sailors are Chinese and the ship is owned by China, but it is leased by the Iranians. In practice, Iranian companies are doing these services, which ship their products directly to China, Japan and the East. It means that its money goes back to Iran,' he said.