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Chabahar port, economic gateway to South-North corridor

Economic | Date : 25-Aug-2019 | visits :118
Managing director of Chabahar Free Trade and Industrial Zone, has said the port of Chabahar is expected to serve the markets of Afghanistan, Central Asia, parts of Russia and India, along the South-North corridor in addition to meeting Iran's needs.

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press, Abdolrahim Kordi reiterated the strategic importance of Chabahar port for the region, saying that "Investments in transportation infrastructure in Chabahar have attracted the attention of regional countries to this port, especially the attention of Central Asian countries and Russia."

"In addition to Russia and Central Asia, India is also investing substantially in Chabahar in accordance with the Chabahar agreement," the managing director of Chabahar Free Trade and Industrial Zone added.

Abdolrahim Kordi went on to say that the strategic location of Chabahar and reduction of transportation costs in the port have made the port attractive to countries wishing to export to central Asia or Russia, and thus they are more likely to seek a presence in Chabahar despite unilateral [US] sanctions.

The Chabahar port has a strategic location outside the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz; with easy access to the Indian ocean, playing an important role in regional export, import, trade, and transit.

Iran Press