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Interactions between the free zones of Iran and China’s Fujian will increase

Economic | Date : 12-Sep-2023 | visits :368
The capabilities, capacities and opportunities of bilateral cooperation were presented in the meeting of officials and economic activists of Fujian province of China and managing directors of Iran's free zones.

According to Total News, citing the public relations and international affairs of the Secretariat of the Supreme Council of Free and Special Economic Zones, on the sidelines of the 23rd Investment and Trade Exhibition (CIFIT) in a meeting organized by the Ministry of Commerce of Fujian Province, the relevant officials of Iran and China presented their capabilities and capacities in industrial fields.

Based on this, the four industrial zones of this province presented their capacities, abilities and opportunities to cooperate with Iran’s free zones and mainly emphasized that the industrial zones of Fujian provide various advantages and incentives for domestic and foreign investors and in this regard, they are ready to cooperate with Iran’s free zones.

Therefore, the report according to the experiences of the economic activists of Fujian province, especially the joint works they have done with other countries in the field of industrial zones; There is a great opportunity for joint cooperation between the free zones of Iran and the industrial zones of this province.

I have to say; in this meeting, the CEOs of Iran’s Free Zone Organizations raised some issues and questions, especially in the field of land ownership and infrastructure provision, and the incentives given to investors in these areas to which the necessary answers were provided by the officials of “Fujian” province.

Considering the experiences and knowledge that the Chinese side has acquired with other countries in this direction over several decades; it is hoped that a unique opportunity for cooperation between the industrial zones of Fujian province and the free and commercial zones of Iran will be achieved in the near future.

With two thousand and 500 special zones, including free and special economic zones, China has the largest number of closed zones in the world, which qualitatively has made these zones the focus of its development; In the meantime, Fujian Province is one of the pioneers of free zones in this country, which in terms of experience can help to improve the quantitative and qualitative level of Iran’s free and special economic zones.

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