Project introduction

Project title : Establishing and Exploitation of Pharmaceutical and Injectable Products Factory
Project Description :

Importance and necessities: Pharmaceutical industry has always been one of the most important pillars of the health system in the world due to its impact on the health of people and human societies. Today, this industry is considered as one of the key and strategic industries in the world, and meeting the level of capability in this sector is considered as one of the main countries' development factor, because 30 to 50 percent of hospital costs are related to medicines and equipment.

Annual Capacity :

Project status

Access to raw materials :
Sales :
Construction period :
Project status :

Financial structure

Fixed capital : 8,504,257,130,000 Rials Rate of return on capital :
Working capital : 39,079,470,000 Rials Payback Period (PBP) : 3
Foreing currency required : Net present value (NPV) : 4,285,055,620,000 Rials
Total investment :
Internal rate of return (IRR) : 39


Type of the project : establishment
Legal structure of the company : governmental

Above mentioned figures are subject time of investment