Iran's position on the transit highway connecting Asia to Europe and the southern countries to the landlocked northern countries has made it one of the key logistic services centers in the world.

    Chabahar port is the only Iranian port on the Indian Ocean, where the government has major ongoing projects to create multi-dimensional transportation facilities.


    With the development of Chabahar port, its annual capacity has reached 8.5 million tons per year. Hundreds of millions of dollars investment in connecting Chabahar to the gateway to Central Asia and Afghanistan and the establishment of Chabahar International Airport are among the plans that develop a complete logistics platform.

    In addition, Chabahar Free Zone has been suggested as a transit and logistic gateway for Iran's domestic market which, while reducing the cost and time of transportation it has also provided profitable economic opportunities in development of logistics facilities.


    Chabahar Free Zone is a multi-purpose zone with educational, industrial, tourist and transportation sectors.

    Chabahar Free Zone Organization has a plan for development of specialized industrial parks with participation of private sector in the fields of industry, logistics, education, healthcare, tourism, etc., which the establishment of logistics industrial park is followed in the framework of upstream programs and documents.

    At present Chabahar Free Zone is considered as a transit gateway in Eastern Iran and based on national plans and also the interest shown by international parties, it is noteworthy as a center for providing logistics support, transportation and transit services. Chabahar Free Zone with the aim of facilitating trade and minimizing transportation costs and focusing on services, has allocated 150 hectares of land to create a logistics industrial park. This industrial park will be assigned to the international investors and or Iran-foreign joint venture.

    Considering the geographical location, this industrial park can be connected to Chabahar railway and will be established to have full support services. Centers such as public warehouses, cold storages, special warehouses for storing liquid and bulk goods, container warehouses, required laboratories, as well as personnel service facilities have been predicted.


    Infrastructure and transit development


    Area of designated site
    150 hectares of lands near Shahid Kalantari Pier, within the boundaries of Chabahar Free Trade Zone


    Area of designated site
    Port & Marine Supervision Department


    Project description and justification / Objectives


    Logistics industrial park as a center for providing services for: 

    -       Import, warehousing, and transit of goods to Afghanistan and Central Asia 

    -       Import of raw materials for processing by 10% value added and subsequently export to Afghanistan and other neighboring countries 

    -       According to the studies carried out for the projects, investors / developers can contact Chabahar Free Zone for more information on the proposed plan.


    Investment volume
    Approximate investment: 200 million US D


    Investment method


    a.    Direct foreign and/ or domestic investment

    Participation with the private sector in which the land will be based on long-term lease or participation with the Free Trade Zone Organization in which land and licenses will be the share of the Free Zone.


    How to start the project
    Investors should submit their proposal along with a detailed business plan to the Free Zone authorities and start the project upon confirmation.


    Basic requirement

    Potential investors or developers are invited to implement the intended project in the Free Zone by establishing a company. These companies will enjoy the legal facilities and incentives prevailing in the Free Zones.


    Some incentives available


    a.    Tax exemptions for 20 years 

    b.    Exemption from import duties of machinery and raw materials.

     c.    Importation of good produced in this park to the mainland is exempt from payment of all or part of customs duties to the " added value " thereof in the Zone.

    Enjoying from all other legal incentives available in the Free Zones.


    Further details


    -The project can be converted to EPCF or Turnkey contracts.

    -The above-mentioned amount is only for preparatory operations. The investment required for the implementation of each designed plant or unit within the park is separate.




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