Medical equipment industry is a multi-product industry in which a variety of medical equipment is produced. According to the Ministry of Health, the country's need for medical equipment is1.7 billion dollars. However, according to expert estimates, the global trade volume of medical equipment in 2017 amounts to more than 390 billion billions.

    Such a trend in the volume of global trade and the growing domestic needs that reached from397 million dollars to1 billion dollars in the 2000s shows an enormous opportunity in this sector.

    As a result, Chabahar Industrial Trade Free Zone Organization has a plan for establishing a specialized medical equipment Industrial Park and invites all interested companies active in this field to participate in this great project.

    Medical equipment industrial park is a special place for establishment of production and assembly units of medical equipment's that will provide the following facilities:

    - Research and development units
    - Reference laboratory to support all the factories in the park
    - Conference hall
    - The specialized building location of marketing and commercial teams, guild, consortiums, associations and unions.

    However this industrial park provides an appropriate situation to create a relationship between the expert advisers and research and educational institutions that interact constructively with each other and the ultimate goal of this consultation is to create synergy and facilitate the process of absorbing, upgrading and producing high quality and competitive products in international markets.

    Most important activities in the industrial park include research and development, production of superior technology products, laboratory services, standardization, marketing and consulting services for the development of technology products in the field of industrial production as well as the provision of other specialized services.
    The purpose of collaboration with foreign companies will be the transfer of medical equipment technologies and or export of technologies and engineering services of Iranian companies.


    Infrastructures and industrial development


    Area of designated site
    About 12 hectares


    Area of designated site
    Economic & Investment Deputy - Deputy fo Cultural, Social & Tourism


    Project description and justification / Objectives

    The purpose of proposal for medical equipment industrial park in Chabahar Free Zone is to create a centralized complex with production, infrastructure support facilities for production of medical industrial equipment's for export and domestic uses.

    Specialized facilities

    Support facilities

    Common facilities

    Segments ready to be transferred , rental workshop spaces,

    Enclosure, roads, Electricity, solid waste management and disposal system, refined water supply system, management of flowing waters, rainwater harvesting, sewage treatment, Landscape lighting

    Equipped laboratories, training center, trade and exhibition centers , conference hall, packing units, accommodations for personnel , Research and Development Center


    Investment volume
    Approximate cost: 5 million US D


    Investment method

     a.    Direct foreign and/ or domestic investment

    Participation with the private sector in which the land will be based on long-term lease or participation with the Free Trade Zone Organization in which land and licenses will be the share of the Free Zone.


    How to start the project
    Investors should submit their proposal along with a detailed business plan to the Free Zone authorities and start the project upon confirmation


    Basic requirement

    Potential investors or developers are invited to implement the intended project in the Free Zone by establishing a company. These companies will enjoy the legal facilities and incentives prevailing in the Free Zones.


    Some incentives available

     a.    Tax exemptions for 20 years

    b.    Exemption from import duties of machinery and raw materials.

    c.    Importation of good produced in this park to the mainland is exempt from payment of all or part of customs duties to the " added value " thereof in the Zone.

    Enjoying from all other legal incentives available in the Free Zones.


    Further details

    The project can be converted to EPCF or Turnkey contracts. 

    -The above-mentioned amount is only for preparatory operations. The investment required for the implementation of each designed plant or unit within the park is separate.




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