Sistan and Baluchestan province with an area of more than 181 thousand square kilometers and approximately 300 kilometers maritime boundary is situated on shore of Oman sea.


    One of the relative advantages of the province is the fishery (fishing and aquaculture) sector


    -Identification of more than 100 thousand hectares of suitable location in the body of waters of Makran coasts for aquaculture in cages.


    - Determining 11 zones on the coasts of the province for implementation of sea fish farming in the cage.


    - 9 fishing harbors and 6 multi-purpose breakwaters in the coastal strips from east to west of the province


    - Skilled native workforce familiar with navigation and aquaculture techniques in the cage.


    - Good water quality, free of any industrial pollution, on the coasts of the province


    - Appropriate depth of water at a minimum distance from the shore


    - Fabsha fisheries industrial park is a complex of about 80 hectares, located in the industrial area of Chabahar Free Zone to be utilized by processing industry of fishery products with modern technologies. This industrial park is located adjacent to the coastline of Chabahar Bay.




     Fisheries Industrial Parks




    1)    Aquaculture Industrial Park


    2)    Fishing and aquaculture industrial park


    3)    Processing of Fabsha fishery products


    Fabsha Park (Processing of Marine Products) has the following features:


     Separate administrative - commercial building including marketing and commercial complex of fishery industries, office units, conference hall, guild, unions, associations and consortiums of fishery industries




    -Fabsha Educational Research Building


    - The reference laboratory building of industrial park to carry out all the tests required for factories in the industrial park.


    - Bascule


    - 10,000ton cold storage with trucks access


    - Specialized technical facility building (to provide various facility services, repair and maintenance etc, to the factories in the park)




    Aquaculture Park



     This industrial park is located adjacent to the coasts of Chabahar Gulf and it has suitable land for implementing aquaculture projects, especially shrimp with salt water.


    Infrastructure and industrial development


    Area of designated site
    45 hectares


    Area of designated site
    Investment, Business Development & Industrial Fishing Company of Chabahar Free Zone Pvt


    Project description and justification / Objectives


    Based on the land preparation and expert studies and with the expert purpose of utilizing the maximum and optimal potential of fishery in the region this industrial park consists of three smaller industrial parks including Aquaculture industrial park, marine products processing industrial park and fishing region.


     At present, 80% of fishing comes from fishing piers on the coasts of the Oman sea, which plays a major role in the Iranian market. The fisheries sector has a comparative advantage in Chabahar.




    Specialized facilities

    Support facilities

    Common facilities

    Outdoor spaces, rental workshop spaces,

    10000- ton cold storage, Fish auction market, The existence of a complete chain of aquatic breeding and processing, especially fish and shrimp

    Enclosure, roads, Electricity, solid waste management and disposal system, refined water supply system, management of flowing waters, rainwater harvesting, sewage treatment, Landscape lighting

    Equipped reference laboratories, training center, trade and exhibition centers, conference hall, packaging units, accommodations for personnel, Research and Development



    Investment volume
    Approximate investment: 20 million US D


    Investment method


    a.    Direct foreign and/ or domestic investment

    Participation with the private sector in which the land will be based on long-term lease or participation with the Free Trade Zone Organization in which land and licenses will be the share of the Free Zone.


    How to start the project
    Investors should submit their proposal along with a detailed business plan to the Free Zone authorities and start the project upon confirmation


    Basic requirement

    Potential investors or developers are invited to implement the intended project in the Free Zone by investing and establishing a company. These companies will be subject to legal incentives in free zones


    Some incentives available


    a.    Tax exemptions for 20 years


    b.    Exemption from import duties of machinery and raw materials.


    c.    Importation of good produced in this park to the mainland is exempt from payment of all or part of customs duties to the " added value " thereof in the Zone.

    Enjoying from all other legal incentives available in the Free Zones.


    Further details


    The project can be converted to EPCF or Turnkey contracts.


    -The above-mentioned amount is only for preparatory operations. The investment required for the implementation of each designed plant or unit within the park is separate.





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