Project introduction

Project title : Building a Production Unit for Polyurethane Systems (PU Systems)
Project Description :

Polyurethanes are resins that are prepared from the reaction of polyols with isocyanates.  The first polyurethane was obtained in 1937 by Autobayer through the reaction between a chain diisocyanate and a diamine.  The isocyanate functional group reacts with any molecule that has an active hydrogen.  Therefore, compounds such as carboxylic acids and amines that contain active hydrogen like hydroxyl groups can react with isocyanates. Polyurethanes are used in various industries, including transportation, construction of buildings, home furniture, home accessories, knitting, fabric and fibers, knitting and casting machines, electronics and shoes.

Annual Capacity : 20000 tons

Project status

Access to raw materials :
Sales :
Construction period :
Project status :

Financial structure

Fixed capital : 1,588,050,000,000 Rials Rate of return on capital :
Working capital : Payback Period (PBP) : 3
Foreing currency required : Net present value (NPV) : 13,585,050,000,000
Total investment :
Internal rate of return (IRR) : 82


Type of the project : establishment
Legal structure of the company : governmental

Above mentioned figures are subject time of investment