Project introduction

Project title : Production and Packaging of Cosmetics and Hygiene Products
Project Description :

With the rapid advancements in technology, the demand for high-quality beauty and health products has reached an all-time high. In particular, products that utilize nano technology, such as pastes, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, sunscreen, lipstick, emollient creams, powders, and perfumes, are in high demand across the globe. In regions such as Chabahar, where hot and humid weather conditions are prevalent for most of the year, skin diseases and dry skin problems are commonplace. This has resulted in an ever-increasing demand for top-quality beauty and health products that can cater to the unique needs of this region's population. By investing in this market, you can tap into a rapidly growing industry that is poised for continued growth and profitability. With the right investment, expertise, and product offerings, there is enormous potential for success in this exciting and dynamic market.

Annual Capacity : 450000

Project status

Access to raw materials :
Sales :
Construction period :
Project status :

Financial structure

Fixed capital : 665,534,000,000 Rials Rate of return on capital :
Working capital : 8,118,000,000 Rials Payback Period (PBP) : 2.32
Foreing currency required : Net present value (NPV) : 384,541,000,000 Rials
Total investment :
Internal rate of return (IRR) : 34


Type of the project : establishment
Legal structure of the company : governmental

Above mentioned figures are subject time of investment