Project introduction

Project title : Construction of Sulfur Coated Urea (SCU) Production Unit
Project Description :

in which urea acts as a nitrogen source and sulfur acts as a coating and S.C.U. Urea fertilizer with sulfur coating ( With the commercial name of Hefaz, it regulates the release of nitrogen. The reason that sulfur has been used as a coating is that it is cheap and secondly, sulfur itself is a nutrient. Especially in Iran, where more than ninety percent of soils are limestone, it causes an increase in soil quality.

  To produce this substance, urea granules are passed through a stream of sulfur melt. Sulfur coating prevents water pollution compatible with the environment.  Sulfur coating is very brittle SCU It is buried underground and causes excessive consumption of fertilizer. Sulfur may be damaged while moving. For this reason, in the production process, other materials are also added to strengthen the breaking structure of sulfur and also cover the places that are not covered.


Annual Capacity : 300000 Tons

Project status

Access to raw materials :
Sales :
Construction period :
Project status :

Financial structure

Fixed capital : 5,113,800,000,000 Rials Rate of return on capital :
Working capital : Payback Period (PBP) : 2
Foreing currency required : Net present value (NPV) : 90,313,200,000,000 Rials
Total investment :
Internal rate of return (IRR) : 146


Type of the project : establishment
Legal structure of the company : governmental

Above mentioned figures are subject time of investment