Project introduction

Project title : Water Storage Tank Production Unit
Project Description :

Polyethylene tank is one of the storage tanks for drinking water and other liquids. These tanks are known as plastic water tanker in the market. This tank has been made of one or several layer of polyethylene.  It is produced using a process called cyclic molding.  In this process, a polymer powder mixture is mixed with UV protective materials, these materials are poured into a two-piece mold, and then the mold is closed and baked in a hot oven at a suitable temperature.

Annual Capacity : Number 89100

Project status

Access to raw materials :
Sales :
Construction period :
Project status :

Financial structure

Fixed capital : 823,500,000,000 Rials Rate of return on capital :
Working capital : Payback Period (PBP) : 4
Foreing currency required : Net present value (NPV) : 3,288,600,000,000 Rials
Total investment :
Internal rate of return (IRR) : 55


Type of the project : establishment
Legal structure of the company : governmental

Above mentioned figures are subject time of investment